How to Reupholster an Office Chair

Materials You'll Need

You may have thought many times about how ugly, scratchy, uncomfortable and old fashioned your office chair has become and you miss that feeling of it when it was all new and bright. But instead of throwing it away and buying a new one, you can reupholster it and no matter how bad its condition is , you will have a brand new chair in very easy steps and only within a couple of hours.

First of all you will need the following materials:
– Décor fabric (measure the height and width and add extra fabric so you can wrap the whole chair with the new fabric)
– Screwdriver
– Staple gun
– Scissors
– pliers (if your chair is complicated)
– Sand paper (If there are scratches)
– Spray paint (If you want to change the colour of your chair or making the old colour brighter)
– Face protection

Now you are ready and here are the steps:

1- Take clear pictures of the whole chair:
That is important so you can put it back together as it was especially if you have a complicated chair. Take pictures of every side and especially where you will use the screwdriver.

2- Unscrew the chair:
There are different types of office chairs and they vary from simple to complex. But there are two main parts in any chair; the backrest and seat cushion. Mostly the backrest has a cushion and a plastic back that can be easily separated manually while the seat cushion is stabled with screws with its plastic back. With your screwdriver, start disassembling your chair by unscrewing the screws. At the end you should have the backrest cushion and the seat cushion separated from their plastic backs, the armrests and the legs too separated from the whole chair.

3- Spray the plastic backs:
It is up to you if you want to do this step or not. But if your back plastic part is full of scratches, it will be better if you give it some sanding using the Sand paper. Then at an open place spray them with the spray paint of your favourite colour. The chair will look adorable.

4- Wrap the cushions with the fabric:
Put the cushion on the fabric and wrap the whole of it. It is better to have extra fabric on the edges and the back so you can stable it with
the Staple gun. You will cut the extra fabric with the scissors after stabling it and that is definitely better than having less fabric.

5- Stable the fabric tightly:
 This is very important as you don’t want any wrinkles in the cushions. It is easier if you have someone to help you but if you are on your own just follow these steps:
you have four corners; the upper corners and the lower ones.
– Stable the fabric of one of upper corner with the stable gun
– Then pull the fabric tightly over the upper part of the cushion and stable the other upper corner.
– Then pull the fabric the same way and stable a lower corner of a side.
– Finally pull the whole fabric towards the remaining corner and make sure there are no wrinkles and stable the remaining corner.

6- Shear off the excess fabric with your scissor.

7- Reassemble the chair:
Remember those pictures we took at the beginning? You may need them here if your chair is complicated but mostly you will just refit the plastic backs into the cushions, Screw the legs and the armrests and finally put the backseat back on.

8- Enjoy what you have accomplished:
after finishing everything, make a cup of your favorite drink and relax sitting on your new brand chair.
You have done a great job.

The Future Of Bluetooth

This will help you whether you are in lightyear Wireless or not.

Because it meets the basic needs of connectivity in close range, Bluetooth has a very bright future ahead of it. Bluetooth is actually the result of initiatives from nine leading communications and computer industry giants, including 3-COM, Sony, Lucent, IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, etc.

Since the forming of the original group, more than 1,800 manufacturers around the world have joined the initiative. According to reports, the Bluetooth technology is expected to be built into more than 100 million devices, with over 670 million enabled Bluetooth devices.

Resulting from the amazing success of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), the adoption of smart phones and hand held devices, Bluetooth can easily have an amazing impact on your day to day life. Bluetooth is one of the key technologies that can help to make the mobile information society happen, by blurring the possibilities between home, the office, and the outside world.

The seamless integration and connectivity that Bluetooth promises will make it possible to explore a wide range of interactive and highly transparent personalized services which were actually quite difficult to dream of simply because of the complexity involved with making such devices communicate with each other.

Many Bluetooth pilot products have already been rolled into the market and backed by big vendors, which is a healthy sign for the overall acceptance of the technology. The support for Bluetooth isn’t limited to companies that develop only Bluetooth enabled products.

The applications for Bluetooth can have great impacts on other industries as well. The adoption of Bluetooth technology is expected to spread throughout the industry of computers.

Unlike infrared technology, Bluetooth is used by many different wireless devices. Bluetooth offers exceptional quality for short range wireless, even going through walls and obstructions. While infrared is the biggest competitor at this time, Bluetooth far surpasses it, proving to millions that it is the wireless communication technology of the present day and age.

In the beginning, Bluetooth started with version 1.0, then gradually moved from there. The current version is 2.0+EDR, with another version currently in development. The technology behind the Bluetooth specification always getting better and better, which is why it’s so popular.

In the future, you can expect the technology behind Bluetooth to get better. Bluetooth has proven to be the wireless standard of the future, offering you wireless connectability for hundreds of different devices. For cell phones or other forms of wireless connections, Bluetooth is the one technology that you don’t want to find yourself without.

What Does Buying a Hot Tub Really Cost?

What could possibly be better than climbing into steaming hot water at the end of the day? However, before peeling off your clothes, you have to make a few choices about your hot tub, especially in terms of size, price, security and installation.

  • One-off Costs

Depending on what it will be used for, choose a size that fits your lifestyle. Make a decision on your budget – A hot tub for 2 people starts at about $4,000 and hot tubs for six people start at $8,000 – $10,000. For a smaller investment, consider portable hot tubs made of vinyl (about $2,500). Ask for an estimate of monthly operating costs. Full insulation will ensure energy is saved.

  • Electrical Connections

Depending on your current electrical setup, electrical connections for a Hot Tub typically cost from $300 to $1,000. Also, you will need a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), a mechanism that shuts off the electricity supply if a ground fault occurs. It is recommended that you hire a licensed electrician to perform any electrical work that you may need for your hot tub.

  • Water and Chemicals

To estimate monthly water cost, multiply the tub’s capacity by the number of times you drain and refill it in a year. Divide the total by 12 to estimate your monthly water use, then multiply by your cost per gallon. Chemicals such as bromine or chlorine are needed to sanitize and balance the water. The typical cost is $10 to $20 per month, depending mainly on how often the tub is used. Crystal clean water without effort or hassle should be your primary concern. This is especially important for your health and the health of your family.

  • Monthly Heating

How much does it cost to heat a hot tub? It typically costs less than $1 per day to run a hot tub, with more recent hot tub models hovering around $23 per month. If you keep the heat going 24/7, your electricity bill will be on the higher side of this range, but it’s possible to cut the costs significantly. For example, if your hot tub thermostat has a circuit timer you can set this to heat the hot tub during off-peak hours only, and pay less per unit of energy.

  • Insurance

Like swimming pools, hot tubs increase the cost of liability insurance, so check with your insurance company to find out what kind of premium increase you can expect. In most cases, the annual increase will be well under $20.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

As well as ongoing expenses such as water and chemicals, hot tub filters need to be replaced every 1 to 2 years. Some hot tubs require one filter, while others require multiple filters. These typically cost $20 to $60 each. Expensive repairs are generally not a frequent requirement, and if you already have a small fund for home maintenance costs, you will be covered for hot tub repairs. With your budget well-planned, you will be able to relax and enjoy a relaxing soak any time you want!

Which ZTR Mower to Buy?

We’ve learned to love the instant gratification and simplicity new technology gives us. Thankfully, some manufacturers have read the  “consumer wants” list and have driven a whole new trend, the ZTR. The best zero turn riding mower will offer all the power of standard riders mowers with the focus being on the end users overall experience.

best zero turn mowers by lawn tye

The best zero turn riding mower is a loose term and subjective to each user. Depending on property size, type of terrain, yard obstacles, and how often the mower will be used, all determine which is the best zero turn riding mower for each person.

Even if you’ve never operated a tractor, you’ll catch on quick with a zero turn riding mower. They are super powerful and efficient machines where operator steers using the back wheels in a pivoting fashion instead of having to turn the entire rider.

  • Look for the most durable machine. If you don’t have a stable frame and reliable engine, you’re just throwing your money away. There are quite a few ZTRs that are affordable and extremely durable. Just because the price tag is higher, doesn’t always mean the machine is better. As far as durability goes, we’d probably pick the Swisher Ride King, the Snapper 355Z, or the Poulan Pro 950 as the most durable. We have product descriptions of them on our site. One we don’t have on the site and probably should would be the Ariens Zoom XL 42″, you can see that here. (Keep in mind, the ones we’ve suggested are only the most durable in our opinion. All of the zero turns that we feature on this site however, are plenty durable for normal homeowner use.)
  • Comfort. If the driver isn’t comfortable, they’ll end up hating having to mow. Decent suspension, vibration dampening, a comfortable seat and by all means armrests will make your zero turn riding mower a great experience every time. The Snapper 355Z seems to be the most comfortable of all ZTRs. At least, that’s what consumers are saying. While we agree the Snapper is extremely comfortable, we think the Ariens 42″ Zoom is just as comfortable.
  • If you have an extremely large area to mow, consider dual fuel tanks or at least an extra large fuel tank.This should shorten time normally used to stop and refill. All controls should be easy to reach. The filters need to be easy to reach to make maintenance quick and simple.  The Swisher ZT2052 and Snapper 355Z fall into this category hands down.
  • The larger the rear wheel, the better. The larger wheels flatten the grass less, which improves performance. Is the ground you mow even or uneven? For uneven grounds, select a zero turn rider with a low center of gravity to provide you with better traction and stability. This category has to go to the Husqvarna MZ6128ZT or the Swisher ZT2052
  • An efficient cooling system is important, if the machine is going to operate at an optimal temperature for long periods – especially on hot days. Pretty much all of the newer zero turn mowers have this taken care of.

After you’ve narrowed down your search using the examples and explanations above, then you’ll want to determine which is the best zero turn riding mower for your property type and usage needs.

Ultimate buying guide for Weed Eaters

Weed eaters, also known as string trimmers or weed wackers are the types of tools that are essential to some people, especially to those gardeners who have numerous gardening works. Typically, these gardening tools utilize flexible monofilament lines in substitute from blades. These monofilament lines are utilized to cut grasses, weeds and some other plants so as to beautify the whole corners of the garden. A normal weed eater is composed of a long shaft, handle(s) and a cutting head that can be found at the other corner of the shaft. Some types of weed eater have shoulder strap in order to help the users for managing the machine.

If you are after for the best weed eater in the market, then you need to take a lot of things and considerations before buying the item. It is essential to look for a specific product that would cater your needs and desires. Also, it is crucial to consider the factors and special features of the product so that you can have a full guarantee that you will gain more benefits out of using the product. So, for you to be able to know the amazing capabilities of every product, then you have to explore all the notable attributes of it.

Nowadays, there are so many options that are available in the market. So, you can just do a quick research in the internet so as to end up purchasing the best one that will be suitable for your tastes and preferences. For you to narrow down your choices, you may take a look at the succeeding discussions and be able to know the different brands and types of weed eater that you may use for your gardening tasks. The succeeding discussions and topics will focus on the various brands that produced by different manufacturers; types of weed trimmers; maintenance of the product; some tips to consider when using the item and of course, the best avenue where you can buy the best product within the circulation.

For you to end up choosing the best gardening tool to be used, then you may refer to the following brands:

Brand of weed eaters

This is one of the most prominent and reliable brands where you can buy a weed trimmer. This brand offers 2-stroke 23.9 cc motor engine which is capable to produce enough emission level even without losing its power. Generally, it provides steel drive shaft that also offers smooth and efficient power transfer all the way through the engine. With this special feature, you can trim grasses and weeds without difficulty. It is ideal to those people who are seeking for quality results after they use the machine since it provides quality performance level.

One of the best providers for lightweightnot adjustable but high quality weed trimmers is the Poulan manufacturer. This brand is very famous to all because of two main reasons. The first one is its lightweight. Poulan products are only weighing up to 12.5 pounds. Because of this, users are given the privilege to use the product with ease and comfort. The second one is its compatibility with several attachments like hedge trimmers, blowers and edgers. With these given special features, you can have a full guarantee that it will meet all your expectations and requirements.

Weed trimmers that are produced by the Toro manufacturer are generally preferred by the majority. It is because of the quality results that it produced and its ability to convert the product into edgers. It has a normal button that can be utilized to convert the item into edgers. It also provides adjustable handle that can gives you great comfort in managing the whole machine.  The manufacturer also added flexible cutting system that can help the users to operate the machine without any problem or difficulty.

weed trimmers produced by Greenworks offers auto feed line and great power. It also offersseveral tilting positions of head. So, you can have the chance to use their products very well. Most of their trimmers can work using an electric power. So, you can make sure that these areeco-friendly gardening tools.

Weed eaters under this brand name are robust and reliable tools that offers lightweight and high performance level. Some of their products have the combination of various features where the users can efficiently replace the head of the trimmers with blower units or hedge trimmers.

This brand of the product offers efficiency in operation and flexibility on its performance. Most of their trimmers have hard and sharp blades that can work well on bushes and tough weeds. Some of the brands’ model are corded-type and some of their products are cordless. So, you have the option to choose if what specific type or model is good for you.

This is another brand name that you may choose for your weed eater. Many people tend to choose products under this brand name since it provides great assurance when it comes toquality results. In fact, most of their products are durable and high quality that provides great convenience to all the users.

Most of the weed trimmers under this brand name are cordless type of gardening tools. Their products have lithium ion batteries so as to operate the machine according to your needs and wants. They have different models of the product that provides quality results. In addition to that, their products offer portability and great convenience. Since it offers quality performance level, many people considered their products as one of the best products in the market. Their features are understandable. So, they can expect that even the beginners can easily operate the machine according to needs and preferences.

These brand names are different from one another when it comes to great deals or offers and exceptional services. So, it is essential to explore the specific product under your preferred brand names so that you can choose the best one that is really good and useful for you.

Types of Trimmer

There are three main types of weed eater and these include the following:

1. Plug-in

This type of weed eater doesn’t use oil or gas because this kind uses electricity to make it function. Though this type cannot provide powerful efforts and engine motor, still, it is relatively good for small lawns and yards. Using an electric weed eater is also a good option for you since you don’t need to think about gas, oil or some power sources. However, one of its downsides is its limited utilization. Since it is a corded-type, you have restrictions while using the machine. In despite of the limitation when using the product, you still have the chance to gain an edge over the other types. It’s because an electric weed eater is lighter and provides less noise.

2. Battery

This type of weed eater is also a nice option for you. It is because of its high quality results, noiseless and lightweight designs. Weed eaters that have batteries can be used everywhere in your garden. You just need to recharge the batteries so as to continuously function up to its maximum extent.

3. Gas

This type can trim grasses and even cut tough or hard plants. It usually requires gas and a mixture of oil and gas too. It’s a good choice if you will manage a very spacious garden or lawn lots since you can easily finish your gardening tasks using this type of product.

Types of Machine

Weed eaters also come in three types and these are the following:

1. Gas-powered trimmers

Typically, this type of weed eater requires a huge amount of gas and oil so as to make it function. Even though this type is quite expensive, still, it provides quality performance level. Your money will never put into waste since it will surely give you promising results.   Most of the gas-powered trimmers are heavy because it has a gas tank on the machine.

2. Corded-electric 

These types of gardening tools have restrictions when using. Since it is plugged from the outlet when functioning, you will just limit your works. However, this type of weed eater is good to be used in trimming grasses on your small lawn lots.

3. Cordless-electric

These are normally efficient to use, portable and durable. Since it is a cordless-type, you can use this on any corners of your garden. You just need to recharge the batteries since it has battery that comes along the package.

How to Properly Maintain a Weed or String Trimmer?

One of the ways on how you can properly maintain the longevity of your weed eater is to provide appropriate supplies or accessories for the product. You need to look for some specific accessories and parts that are suitable for your weed eater.  Here are some of the supplies and parts of the products that you may look for proper maintenance:

  • Trimmer heads and bump knobs â€“ This can protect the reel and can also be utilized as an accessory item. There are some manufacturers who offer these accessories along with the package. However, some of them sell these parts separately from the package.
  • Harness â€“ These are only optional but these also provide support for powerful and heavy trimmers.
  • Extra monofilament lines â€“ You should have these accessories on hand so that you have a reserve once the lines are now busted.
  • Scissor shears â€“ These tools are beneficial, especially if you would like to trim thread according to your desired length.

 Safety Tips When Using String Trimmers

When using string trimmers for your gardening works, it is essential to always observe safety precautions. You need to use safety goggles so as to protect your eyes from any tiny objects that may spill out from the ground. Also, it is advisable to cover your skin when using the machine since injuries are very common to some unprotected skin areas. As much as possible, you need to wear gloves, long pants and t-shirts that contains long sleeves. Some trimmers offer loud noises when being used. So, you can also use some protection to your ears.

Where You Can Buy a Weed or Grass Trimmer?

There are lots of manufacturing companies, store outlets and retailers that offer a wide array of selections when it comes to weed eater or string trimmers. So, you may look for any of these avenues so that you can buy the best product for you. You can opt to buy a type of weed eaterthrough visiting the nearest store outlets in your area.

However, if you want an easier way to find the best weed eater for your gardening works, then you may also look for some providers or stores through online basis. There are some online sites where you can purchase the product.


Purchasing a type of weed eater for your gardening works is quite challenging for you but enjoyable as well. However, it would be better if you can understand well the special features of the product and its overall benefits. You may refer to this buying guide so as to end up choosing the best weed eater in the marketplace. So, what are you now waiting for? Select now a specific brand and type of weed eater that is relatively good for you.

How to Choose the Best King Sized Mattress

King sized mattress are specifically made for people who desire luxurious, comfort providing extra space for one partner to move without disturbing the other partners sleep. Choosing an appropriate king sized mattress can cause dilemma with a wide variety and brands of king sized mattresses available commercially. This are some of the factors to be considered before choosing a king sized mattress.

The Type of King Sized Mattress

There are various types of king sized mattress made for various purposes and results these are some of the common type of king sized mattress to consider.

  • Memory mattress: these are mattress that absorbs motion and conform to the shape of the person sleeping to provide relief to pressure points in the body for comfortable sleep. It is effective for light sleeper but it has its cons because it absorbs heat and odor which may not be ideal for persons sensitive to heat or allergic to certain odor.
  • Adjustable air mattress: (air beds) as the name implies this are mattress that enables adjustment of firmness through pumps which inflate or deflate air according to the person needs, it is effective for couples because it is divided into zones which can be adjusted to each of the partner need for firmness to give comfortable sleep
  • Latex mattress: it is popular due to its cooling effect on the body and gives comfortability during sleep it is good for people that like cool beds in preference to the warm bed of memory mattress.


This is very important although king sized beds give extra space and comfort some people still require special adjustment such as tall people over 6ft whose feet hangs slightly from their beds the Californian king sized mattress is a perfect fit for such set of persons as this mattress gives four inches length than the normal king sized mattress this is able to accommodate this requirement of tall persons.


Since king sized beds is a large piece of furniture which showcases the bedroom environment getting the right style of king sized mattress and some of the common styles available are

  • Mozart-This showcases contemporary shapes and curves which is a major feature along with a traditional feature.
  • Summer- This comes with a small pillow board which keeps the pillows stationary and is a very unique design.
  • Rossi- This comes with a variety of finishes and uses wide slats with a well detailed headboard.
  • Bimini- it is space saving, with strong solid build this type of king sized mattress is built for longevity and comfortability.


This is the most important consideration because king sized mattress range from 200-5000 dollars depending on the type and style so exploring used options may be a good way of extending budget, but when going for used beds it is always important to ask the seller vital questions about the bed such as the amount of years used, if it is under existing warranty, and the delivery options they offer.