Pruning Shrubs, Trees and Hedges – The Toolset

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The process of pruning is that of trimming and cutting excessive branches and stems to filter out the dead and diseased branches off the bushes/trees which, not only adds a tidier and aesthetically pleasing effect to them but aids their growth, give a fuller look during growth season and encourages the growth of flower and fruit buds.

Every gardener, at some point(s) in their life, has been reluctant towards the idea of pruning. What may seem like a tedious and tiresome task, is in fact, one of the best things about gardening. Pruning is crucial for all lawns, yards, and landscape. With the right choice of tools, this process can be made efficient and fun, even.

There have been plenty of debates over which is the best time of pruning; although we are all more inclined towards getting the task done whenever we spot new and sharp tools lying around. Sharp and properly tuned tools are very important in pruning to prevent injured and poorly trimmed shrubs. Here are some tips for your tools to ensure effective pruning:

  • Make sure to clean your pruning tools after each use, with isopropyl alcohol (also referred to as rubbing alcohol). Reusing the tools once used on diseased branches can infect the whole garden with it. Hence, it is widely recommended to wipe off the blades with a cleaning agent/disinfectant to prevent that.
  • Knowing when to sharpen the tools is also an imperative task. Dull blades end in injured branches causing them to heal slower than usual. Properly sharpened tools get the task done quickly and comfortably.
  • Getting the best tools within your budget may seem like an extravagant expenditure but it is not. Good tools are a great investment on a true gardener’s part and worth every penny in the long run.

There are different types and categories of equipment for pruning depending on your needs. Whether you are physically unable to do them manually and require automated equipment or hand tools. We have got you covered, for those of you who like to take the matter into their hands, these tools are a must-have:

  • Pruners/Clippers – they are amazing for cutting off outgrown branches and twigs off of shrubs and excessive fruit tree shoots. They are usually best suited for thinner twigs with a diameter no thicker than 0.5cm, commonly used to get rid of deadheads to give shrubs a tidier look. ARS HP-VS8R Rotating Handle Bypass Pruner is the best option as it rotates with your natural hand movement making the job less tiresome. It has a squeeze-to-open lock and extremely sharp blades that make it a gardener’s favorite pick.
  • Loppers – these are used to cut out tough branches with diameter thicker than a centimeter, that your pruners are not equipped to cut through. Loppers not only conveniently get all your pruning related tasks done but also extend your range to higher tree branches. Dramm 18061 ColorPoint Telescoping Lopper is easy to use, with a telescoping handle that provides excellent grip, rendering your everyday pruning like a walk in the park.