How to repair a Gas Weed Eater Stripped Spark Plug

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Trimmers come in either gas-powered or electric-powered motors. Depending on what type of weed eater you buy, there will be occasional issues and maintenance because of wear and tear.

While gas-powered weed eaters offer a lot more flexibility and horsepower, you will still need to carry out a bit more maintenance.

This webpage will give you a range of weed eaters to choose from. If you opt for a gas-powered trimmer, there will be times when the spark plug threads become stripped.

When the threads are stripped, the weed eater will not start efficiently. There may even be times when the spark plugs may actually blow out.

Whether it is stripped or completely blown, your weed eater can be easily up and running with a few steps to guide you.

Detach the Spark Plug

Damaged spark plugs will cause faulty starts on your weed eater. Detach the spark plug from the engine and see what condition it is in. If the plug has any dark residues on it, this means the spark plug was operating while the threads were most likely stripped.

Get the Right Size Spark Plug

Make a note of the diameter of the spark plug to be replaced. Your exact measurement will help you find the right size tap for your weed eater.

Give it a Good Clean

Before you put the tap back into the spark plug cylinder, lubricate the top with a small amount of grease.

Take your time and ensure the threads line up well into the cylinder threads. Once it is in place, you can safely turn it to initiate the new threads with the once already in place.

Align the Threads

Next, turn the tap in the opposite direction and back it out of its threads to remove it. If you cut the new threads, you run the risk of creating metal chips. These chips may adhere easily to the grease you use to lubricate the tap.

Guide the repaired coil over the end of the coil installation mandrel. Place the small wire tang along the center of the coil in line with the raised, flat portion of the mandrel.

Insert the mandrel and the coil straight into the entrance of the spark plug. First, rotate the mandrel to guide the coil through the threads properly.

Remove the mandrel by simply pulling it straight out after the coil is securely in position.

Next, grip the coil’s tang. A pair of needle-nose pliers will help you get a firm clasp. Twist it a few times so it can snap close to the area that was pre-scored. Lift the tang carefully off the cylinder.

Fasten in Place

The newly installed coil should have a tight grasp for the spark plug since it helps hold it snugly in place. If it is securely fastened, your weed eater should be up and running in no time.

Do a test run to see how well the weed eater will start. If it starts with no issues, then you have correctly repaired the stripped spark plug.

Always repair the threads on your spark plug as soon as they become stripped.

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